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Backlinks: Tips and Advice to get it right!

Backlinks: Tips and Advice to get it right!

If you don’t already know that backlinks and content, are the two most important ranking factors that Google’s algorithm considers when calculating a website’s position on a search engine results page (SERP),………. then reading on.

Getting high-quality backlinks is still one of the top ways to move your site to the top of Google’s search results, but reaching a strong backlink portfolio, especially as a small business with limited resources, can be beyond your reach. It’s getting more and more difficult for a small business to compete for search engine visibility with other brands, especially big ones with huge budgets, but don’t worry, it is possible to get high-quality backlinks and we’re here to help show you how.

Digital Web Services will guide you through this process in a variety of effective ways to grow your backlink portfolio and move your site’s position higher in the search results.

What precisely are backlinks?

Backlinks are part of the foundations for sound, effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As previously mentioned, content and backlinks are the two most important ranking factors that Google or any other search engine looks at when deciding which results to show first, according to Google experts. Do you really want to settle for second best; I doubt it!

So, if your site has a sizable number of high-quality backlinks from well respected websites, this can increase your site’s chances of performing well in the SERPs.

But be aware, backlinks from low-quality sites can harm your site’s reputation and rankings; so how do you block those so Google doesn’t punish you?

Defining links as Dofollow and Nofollow links,

is the key to success, but it’s a time consuming exercise that most small and in fact SME businesses simply haven’t got the resource or expertise to throw at it. This is where engaging with a digital agency comes to your aid.

The reason is if masses of people are linking to a certain page, it’s fact that it must be a good one. Without doubt, Google will react and move that page higher in the search results so browsers get access to the best pages on that specific topic.

So, when a reputable site with good authority links to yours, the link juice is forwarded from their site onto yours. That’s why getting a link from one of these sites is like nectar! in the world of SEO.

In brief, Dofollow links pass link juice and increase the page rank, which can help them to appear higher in the SERPs. By comparison, NoFollow links, do not pass any link juice nor do they improve rankings. In simple terms, by adding a nofollow tag to a link tells search engines “not to follow” or consider those specific links.
Now that you know why backlinks are so important, let’s show you a few ways you can earn them.

What’s the next Step?

Our tip is to engage with experts who know these techniques inside out and will deliver results. Secondly, get active in creating regular blogs for your business, if you haven’t already and share your best advice with your target audience.

Whatever your business, you’re undoubtedly passionate about it and most importantly, you know your business better than anyone. So, when people search for information related to your business, you should be the one to give it to them, not your competitors!

We are ready to talk, are you? Contact us for more information.

You won’t be disappointed with the results; they really work.



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Backlinks: Tips and Advice to get it right!

Backlinks: Tips and Advice to get it right! If you don’t already know that backlinks and content,

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