Privacy Policy

Digital Web Services has adopted these privacy principles for the website located at This Privacy Policy applies only to the website on which it appears, and not to any other Digital Web Services website or service. This Privacy Policy also provides information about activities we undertake across internet websites on behalf of Digital Web Services clients.

Digital Web Services is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users and fostering user confidence in the Internet, Internet advertising and direct marketing. Accordingly, we are committed to observing applicable industry guidelines including those established jointly by the Direct Marketing Association. We continually evaluate innovative ways to protect online user privacy while also seeking to deliver relevant advertising and custom online experiences on behalf of our clients.

Digital Web Services provides services for its clients such planning and buying, marketing communications planning, campaign analytics and research, paid search placement and search engine optimisation and Website Designing.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide clear notice about the user information we may collect online in connection with our services and on our own website.

The next few sections below describe how we collect user information in connection with the operation of our services for our clients, such as through advertisements that may appear on various websites on the Internet. Therefore, certain information collection by Digital Web Services through the use of cookies used in the services, as described below, may occur on numerous websites across the Internet.

For information on how we collect and use information that is collected directly on this website (as opposed to through the Services), please see the section entitled Your Correspondence on this Website.

Information We Collect Through our Services:

We do not collect personally identifiable information (“PII”) from users online through advertisements we manage on behalf of our clients unless users affirmatively and deliberately choose to release that information by submitting it, in a text field for example. PII generally refers to identifying information such as an individual’s name, mailing address, phone number or e-mail address.

Non-Personal Information Collected by our Services:

We do collect non-personally identifiable information (Non-PII) to identify computers that we have interacted with before. For instance, by using Non-PII, we may be able to identify a computer that has previously seen an advertisement we launched on behalf of a client. In the context of Non-PII, whenever we refer to you or yours, please remember that we may be referring to a computer and not an identifiable person since we generally do not know who is using a computer at any particular time.

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