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eCommerce shopping cart is powerful and there for all to see. As statistics show a year on year increase in the value of online shopping.
Furthermore, with reduced overheads compared to a retail outlet on the high street, eCommerce is also a cost effective way to sell your products or services to a global, national or local audience.

Our eCommerce websites give you the flexibility to specify pre-determined pre-sets. Having live connections with any shipping company creates an automated purchasing system that, as a result, keeps your customers fully informed throughout the sales process.

Catalogue Management:

Excellent catalogue management is paramount for all eCommerce websites. Displaying your products in an effective, logical format is vital. As a result, this will probably improve the sales experience. Consequently, this will also lead to an increasing number of returning customers, plus referrals for new customers to visit you.

Product Browsing:

It’s a proven fact and as a result, if a user is comfortable with browsing different product categories on your website they will enjoy the experience and return. We use the most effective algorithms for product browsing to help the user. In addition, you gather vital activity information. Finally, combining these elements will give you the necessary information for you to make those key strategic decisions for the future.

Customer Service:

While ecommerce websites are designed to incorporate the most user-friendly query form. The result can be very different if you get it wrong. Hence, the object is to make it easy to complete and simple for your staff to respond.

Checkout, Payment and Shipping:

First of all, our checkout baskets clearly state all the necessary information about the product or service a customer would like to check before purchasing. So, security and peace of mind are the two key features to demonstrate to your customers. Hence, we include foreign currency transactions if required. Security features are designed into our websites allowing customers to be redirected to a nominated payment gateway. Finally, shipping information and delivery options are also offered. As a result, the customer has flexibility.

Order Management:

Order management systems are designed to cover all aspects. This includes management of the shopping cart before purchase. Other options include order cancellation and returns policies to suit your business objectives. Options are discussed and agreed as part of the website strategy plan.

Report Analytics:

A key feature of our ecommerce websites is the depth of information we can provide relating to activity with insights on your website. So, you to analyse user experience and buying cycles to either modify, increase or decrease the products you have on offer. Consequently, your business goals can be specified.

Customer Accounts:

Securely encrypted log on and password details will allow returning customers to minimise the time taken to checkout. In addition, it gives you a data base to promote offers or new products to your loyal customers. Tracking their activity is a vital source of marketing information for the future, as a result, you can target customer with promotional vouchers. This form of marketing is highly desirable to most customers.

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